INCO Industria Colori has been established in 1987 on the hills surrounding Pavullo (a few kilometers far from Sassuolo, the most famous ceramic district worldwide) from the idea of a few friends willing to turn more than twenty years of ceramic expertise into a new exciting challenge. The first batch of brown colouring agent was produced at the end of 1988, in a small muffle kiln, but this was the start only: in 1992 our company started its own production of precious metals, commonly called "third-firing lustres", in a wide range of colours and highly successful on the domestic and international markets.

Since 1997 a new, modern system with several muffle and rotary kilns, air-jet and ball mills, as well as mixers has been available on a 15,000 sq.m covered area. Over the years our company has grown constantly, both in quality and productive capacity, adding two more systems:
INDIA in 1992 and, more recently, in Russia, RINCOLOR in 2005, thus turning into a global reality. Nowadays INCO produces a wide range with over 70 pigments for glazes and a virtually endless range of colouring agents for glazes and fluidized or non-fluidized bodies.

A performing range of pigments for tintometer with high saturation, high resistance to temperature, wide gamut, for every technology. Pigments and colours for four-colour printing, for high definition cylinder decorating systems. Pigments and inks for ink-jet decorating systems in Drop on Demand technology. Our technical and sales assistance has obviously expanded at the same time, distributing our products in more than 35 countries worldwide where we have representative offices. Today INCO is a global reality, able to serve and "support" national and international customers alike anywhere in the world.


We are a customer-oriented global company, targeted at creating high performance ceramic pigments and colours so as to meet the most demanding customer expectations with:

Continuous, innovative, intense and dedicated research in this sector
Development of tailored products
Customers' satisfaction as main result
Global service worldwide
Deep respect for the environment
Improvement and qualification of our staff